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Don't Forget Your Phone

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Don't Forget Your Phone

This application combines two great features - Phone Watcher and Device Finder.

Phone Watcher can help you to keep iPhone safe and secure by avoiding it from being lost or stolen. It will prevent that annoying situation when you accidentally leave your iPhone in the house/car/restaurant, but you didn't notice it right away. Start connectivity session from Apple Watch companion app and it will buzz your wrist in case if iPhone gets out of range during this session.

For comfortable usage it is recommended to add app to the Apple Watch face. You will be able to monitor connection state and automatically reconnect after session interruption.

With Device Finder you can see the list of all nearby Bluetooth devices and their names.
Any device, gadget or accessory like your AirPods or iPad can be easily found. Integrated tracker with precise distance algorithm will help you to search where particular device was placed.

NOTICE: From time to time Watch alert can be triggered even though iPhone is in range. This behavior cannot be prevented as it is caused by a brief interruption in Bluetooth connection. Such 'false' alerts is a rare event and should be ignored.
Daniil Zubach