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by Tubaous
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by Tubaous
*** Seen on the M6 show 100% Mag ***

You like sales but you are tired of the mental arithmetic ?
DOMSOLDES is the application that will free you ! It is free and offers a pleasant and quick interface to do your shopping with confidence !
50% off jeans, 70% off shoes, 30% off a jacket... How much is all this ?
It offers several services that will accompany you during your shopping sprees :

— Now Available on Apple Watch —
Calculating percentages, French sales calendar and currency converter right on your wrist !

— Calculate the price of the item after rebate(s) —
Just simply enter the price of your item, the discount(s) displayed in stock and you're done ! In a wink you know the final amount to be paid in cash !

— Create/view lists of your purchases —
Once the final amount calculated, you can add the item to a shopping list and thus follow at any time the total amount of your expenses ! Finite budgets exceeded !
DOMSOLDES think about your wallet !
For each of your saved items, you can add a photo, change the name, specify the place of purchase and then share via Facebook/Twitter or email with all your friends !

— Make a list of your wishes and future purchases —
You saw a great item in the store but have not been able to buy it for lack of time or money but still want to buy it in a few weeks or months ?
This is not a problem ! Shoot it or make a note of the list of your wishes will be updated and you will be sure not to forget when your next outing !

— Currency converter —
You are abroad and want to convert the local currency? No worries ! You now have a currency converter with updated exchange rates in real time.

— French sales calendar —
Now you'll never miss out on top bargains with the schedule of outstanding french sales and future !

— Size guide —
Now, you have summary tables between different sizes (US, UK, European...) for your purchases ! In addition, we offer a way to find the size of a ring, convenient to never go wrong with jewelry !