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Domestic Violence Information

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Domestic Violence Information

Domestic Violence - what is it? What are the signs? How can I get help? Whether you or someone you know is effected by domestic violence, this application can help and is used in various colleges and universities to help in the study of Domestic Violence.

This application has the following features:

- Dark & Light Modes.
- Apple Watch App.
- Quick Index - Quickly obtain the info. you need.
- Text-to-speech feature.
- Mini Notepad.
- Introduction - What IS Domestic Violence?
- How to be safe in a domestic violent situation.
- Common Myths and Facts.
- The Cycle of Violence Chart.
- Definitions
- Important Phone Numbers (updated 12-2021).
- Personal Safety Plan.
- What's a Personal Protection Order?
- Questions (and answers) about leaving.
- What is Abuse?
- Who Are the Victims?
- Internet Resources.
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