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Dollar Limit

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Dollar Limit

Set one limit, and spend within it.
Dollar Limit is the simplest way to keep a lid on your spending. Set a daily spending limit, track your spending, and quickly see how much you have left to spend. You can even view your remaining limit on an Apple Watch, or in the Today Widget included with the app. Having one Daily Dollar Limit will make watching what you spend easy, simple, and convenient. If you underspend one day, you can reward yourself by adding to the next day's spending limit. Dollar Limit can now suggest a percentage to carry over, and a percentage to go to savings.

Do you often forget to track your spending? Dollar Limit can send you a friendly reminder at a time of your choosing if you haven't added any spending yet that day.

Each one of your spending entries is listed, so you can keep track of what you spent and when. These entries can also be categorized, so you can keep a lid on specific types of expenses. You don't need to remember all these numbers anymore because now you can keep them sorted on your phone, on the go.

Why use Dollar Limit?
- The simplicity of one spending limit
- Add spending amounts easily
- No banking information necessary
- Today Widget
- See your daily limit on your Apple Watch
- It's free! (In app purchase available to remove ads and add features to Watch version)
Rob Toomer