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Track your dog walks, fill your circles.

DogWalk provides a Watch App that tracks your dog walk workouts. In addition to storing these walks in HealthKit (move and exercise circles), DogWalk keeps track of your pup’s daily active minutes with a glanceable circle on your wrist. Fill your circles and your dog’s circles at the same time.

The DogWalk activity circle is updated by you and any other walkers you invite to your family. This gives you a progress circle on your Apple Watch face that updates throughout the day as your pup fills his or her active minutes. Invite your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, dog walker etc. When they walk the dog, the dog’s circle fills up on your wrist, helping to make sure you keep tabs on your dog’s activity throughout the day. Inviting additional family members is easy through the iOS settings panel.

You will also get notifications when someone other than yourself takes the dog on a walk. These include:
* When the dog has started or completed a walk with another owner
* When the dog has completed his or her daily goal


DogWalk also provides up to the minute weather conditions during your workout, giving you glanceable weather information mid walk.
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