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Dogest is a place for your dog to meet new friends.
Dogest is a place for you to finally meet your neighbors.
Thanks to Dogest, you’ll all have a blast together on walks.

Dogest is simple and FREE. And it will stay that way!

“Deers, beers, and cheers -- that’s what I’m about. And I finally found me soulmates on this here app” -- Frida, a mongrel
“I was really addicted to the couch and Dogest turned my life around. Now I have a pack of mates and decent street cred.” -- Louis, cavalier
“I hate Dogest, because the app makes life fun for dogs.” -- Gizmo the Cat
“Lemme tell you, I’d never meet all these pretty ladies if it wasn’t for Dogest! ;)” -- an anonymous canine

How Dogest works:
1. Make a profile for your pooch and meet other dog owners.
2. Leave a message informing your friends about planned walks or join an existing walk with just one swipe.
3. Browse the walks created in your area or check with the map to see where people are currently walking their dogs.

Cool things:
1. Dogest will remind you about upcoming walks or walks organized by others in your area.
2. Dogest automatically tracks your location but only when you’re out walking your pooch. Also, our smart tracking system will preserve your battery.
3. When browsing the list of walks, use Quick Settings to swiftly adjust the search radius to your needs. You can select one of two options:

My home - this option will display walks in the proximity of your home regardless of your current location.
Where I’m now - this option will display walks in the proximity of your current location. This will come in handy when traveling with your dog.

Please note:
Dogest enables GPS only if you leave home and have currently active walk. App disables it when you arrive home, however - continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Marcin Cudzik