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Have you ever wanted to find out the breed of a dog?
Dog Scan allows you to identify a dog's breed by simply pointing your phone at a dog and tapping the scan button.

-- Modern AI
Dog Scan uses modern Artificial Intelligence models to identify dog breeds present in images in real time

-- Attention Whistle
Do you want your pet to look into the camera during photos? Just tap the whistle button and funny noises will capture your best friend's attention

-- Works with photos
Alongside real time scanning, Dog Scan allows you to pick any photo from your camera roll and scan for results

-- No Internet Connection Required
Dog Scan works 100% offline, using your device's computational power to identify dog breeds. Your photos are never sent to any server in respect to your data privacy.

Dog Scan is now available for all iOS devices!
Arthur Eduardo Skaetta Alvarez Desenvolvimento de Software LTDA.