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Dog Monitor App

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Dog Monitor App

Turn instantly your device into a real wireless CCTV system to monitor your dog while away!
Universal app supports both iPhone and iPad. Works on Wifi Networks and on 3G/4G networks too.

Dog Monitor is a brand-new app that allows you to remotely monitor your Dog while you are away.
No matter where you are, at the office or on holidays, you will be able to easily see what your pets are up to at home, using any wifi network

To use Dog Monitor
Simply install the app on your two iOS devices and create a user account.
Select which device will act as the monitor for the premises and which device will be used for monitoring.

Easy set up:
1 Launch app on your iphone/ipad and complete your user ID
2 Launch app on your other iphone/ipad and connect with same ID and password
3 ready to use

Main features:

**Noise Detection**
If excessive noise is detected by Dog Monitor, your device will be notified. The noise threshold can be defined in the app settings.

Even if your device is on standby mode, you will be notified if excessive noise is detected

**Check and Talk *
Dog Monitor allows you to monitor your animals and even speak via your device’s microphone.

How to use Dog Monitor ?
-Activate the Wifi and connect to a network
-Select device role

For premise’s device
-Select which device will be notified if a trigger occurs and press start
-Press “Stop Monitoring” when finished

For monitoring device
-Select which device will monitor the premise
-App will notify you
-If an event occurs, you can choose to turn on video or cancel the alert

NOTE: It is forbidden to spy on people without their knowledge and without their consent. You have the obligation to notify people if you intend to monitor them.
The publisher can not be held liable for misuse of this application.
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