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Calculate the depth of field of your lenses fast and without a headache, based on known values or pixel perfect.

The app uses either the pixelsize as the circle of confusion or the usual value (1/1500 of the sensors diagonal) With this you have a smaller area of acceptable focus, because higher definition sensors make smaller circles of confusion visible. Special presets for HD- or 4K-video provide easy calculations for videographers.
Additionaly a graph is generated to give a visual impression on how much objects are out of focus or how big the bokeh is.

* Compatible with iOS 11 and watchOS 4

* Apple Watch App
* Optimized for one-hand-use
* Variable circle of confusion
* Support for up to 100 megapixel-sensors
* Presets for HD- and 4K-Video
* Visual graph with bokeh-curve
* 5 mm to 1600 mm focal length
* Field of view calculation
* Night-Mode (iPhone 5 or newer)
Matthias Bretz