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DocuSign Transaction Rooms

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DocuSign Transaction Rooms

DocuSign Transaction Rooms provides a complete and secure way for real estate professionals to manage their transactions. Store, share, and electronically sign documents, complete tasks, and close deals from anywhere at any time with the DocuSign Transaction Rooms mobile apps.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Spend less time searching for documents and tracking down signatures, and more time getting the deal done. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can manage your transactions directly from your mobile device.

Manage your Transactions

Create an online Transaction Room and invite all of the participants involved in a transaction to join—from the buyer and seller, to the loan officer, appraiser, and attorneys. Now you can securely add, share, and sign documents supporting the transaction for others to access. Receive real-time SMS and email notifications when someone views or shares a document, adds a person to a Transaction Room, or when you receive a new document in your Inbox.

Manage your Documents

Store and access all of the documents that support your transactions from any device. You can also add pages to and remove pages from PDFs, change page orientation, split PDFs into multiple documents, and combine PDFs into a single document.
Manage your Tasks (Broker Edition only at this time)
Broker Edition users can apply task lists to Transaction Rooms that serve as guidelines for activities that must be completed at various stages throughout the transaction. Tasks can be associated with documents or activities that do not necessarily require documentation. You can assign roles, set permissions, add due dates, and get notified on the progress of tasks applied to Transaction Rooms.

Manage Your Network

View a listing of all of the people you are connected to via transactions. You can also quickly access their contact information, invite contacts to a transaction, or join their Transaction Room. Provide contacts access to documents, assign them tasks, and view their activity within a transaction.

Drive Transactions Securely

Your documents, transactions, and critical information—and your clients’—are safe and confidential with DocuSign Transaction Rooms.

Access Control. You have total control of who has access to what documents in your Transaction Room at an individual and document level.

Activity Logs. All activity related to a specific document and/or person within every transaction is captured in a detailed log.

DocuSign. Connect your DocuSign Signature account to DocuSign Transaction Rooms and use the signature solution trusted by banks, law firms, and professionals in virtually every industry. Create envelopes and tag documents to send out for electronic signature, or sign documents in person.

Apple Watch Integration

Get reminders and view tasks that are coming due in the next week, keep track of tasks that are awaiting approval, and see tasks that have been approved or declined. You can also approve tasks from the Apple Watch or use the handoff feature to do more editing from your iPhone.

An active DocuSign Transaction Rooms account is required to use this app.
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