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A simple to do list that automatically prioritises tasks based on who you are doing the task for.

Enables you to quickly see who you need to deal with next and what you need to do for them.

- Separate your work tasks from your personal ones
- Summarises the number of tasks including how many are urgent, late or due today
- Uses red, amber and green colouring throughout to help you focus
- Left swipe to complete a task quickly, or to postpone it until tomorrow.
- Person or project name can added free form or chosen from your contact list
- Set reminders from 1 minute to 30 days before the task is due
- Add notes to tasks
- Keeps history of completed tasks which can be re-instated
- Type in the task description or choose one quickly from a list of common tasks
- Set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly
- Add tasks to do for yourself

Keep an eye on and do all of your tasks from your wrist.

** Featured by Apple in "Get Stuff Done" in the US App Store in July 2016
** Featured in Club MacStories App Debuts in July 2016
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