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Do not forget your pills | reminder for medicines

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Do not forget your pills | reminder for medicines

A handy calendar and reminder system for pills and medicines of the whole family.
With “Do not forget your pills” you will stop getting crazy to remember all the pills!


It happens often to get lost in the thousands things we have to do daily and to forget to take our antibiotic, or to give the medicine to our grandparents or children. With “Do not forget your Pills” you can now relax, because your iPhone will remind you everything. The app offers a simple layout for a very efficient result. In a few simple steps, indeed, you can create your reminders and easily manage them.

All of its utility is enclosed in only two simple screens:
- One with the calendar of your pills, where you can always add new ones;
- The second to review your active plans, where you can manage schedules, duration of the therapy, doses.

The app allows you to:
- Set articulated rules of administration: at a specific time or with regular intervals, for how long and how many times.
- Keep track of the medications already taken.
- Create multiple plans for different medicines.
- Receive a reminder when it's time to take the medicine.

With small in-app purchases you can also have many extra features, available separately or at a special price in the premium version. You can:
- Manage administration plans for different users.
- Enable the interactive notifications: handle reminders directly from the notification center on your iPhone without the need to open the app.
- Add the widget to get notifications directly in the daily calendar of the notification center of your iPhone.
- Customize the sound of the reminder alarm.

“Do not forget your pills” is the reminder system you have been waiting for: the “pills” you can insert are of any type: frequent medicines, antibiotics, homeopathic drops, natural remedies, vitamins… Anything you need to remember periodically and has until now filled your house and head with crazy reminder methods!


WARNING: It does not contain a list of medicines: the name of the medicines and the dosage must be inserted manually.

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