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by Rimlink
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by Rimlink
Stop texting vCards, use Dizzit instead.

Dizzit is a mobile app that enables you to share contacts within a team through a shared address book or individually to anyone. The shared contact files are updated automatically in each phone that have access to it. Synchronised, updated, shared, collaborative : All you need.
This app has been designed for a couple that want to manage everyday life, as well as an association or an organization that have to deal with several members or of a company that wants to share customer contacts. Each address book contains a set of contact files that can be shared with other Dizzit users.
The creator of each address book can change the access rights of each user such as:
- Read only
- Add, edit, or remove contact files
- Invite or remove other users.
You can also use this app for:
- Live chats with the address books' sharers,
- Efficiently text several people at once.
- Creating customizable sub-groups

Functionalities :
- Create a shared address book in 3 clicks
- Add users to the address book
- Add contacts by any user to an address book
- Manage settings in each address book for each user
- Integrated chat enables you to discuss between users from the shared contact list
- In one tap, send a text or an email or a part of an address book
- Send when you want, notifications to other members to inform them that you added a contact, shared a new user or any other activity in the address book
- Structure your address books into as many categories as you would like

We love hearing from our Dizzit users, any feedback or comments you can give to the Dizzit Team will be greatly appreciated: