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Distractionless Focus Timer

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Distractionless Focus Timer

Distractionless is a truly distraction free pomodoro technique focus timer.
Pomodoro timers are a work/study method, where you have repeating sessions of focus and rest.

- Standalone watch application, configure and start timers on your watch
- Vibration and sound will alert you at the end of every block, even when the app is in the background
- Custom focus / rest times by 1 minute increments
- Optional long rest after every X focus sessions
- Active complications for all watch faces, and complication types
- Pause the timer, or skip to the end of the current block
- Add additional time to the current timer with a single press
- Option to only temporarily enable controls with a long press

If the app doesn't show after purchase, please find it on the App Store on your watch (not phone) and download it from there.
Andras Solyom