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Simple to use running, walking, and cycling tracker with round trip total, km/miles, and Apple Health app integration.


Track your workouts easily with Distance2Go - the simple walking, running, and cycling tracker. Stay on top of each workout and improve your fitness regardless of what you are training for.

Select whether you want to track walking, running, or cycling. Then, the Distance2Go app will start measuring your distance based on your movements/activity. With Distance2Go, you will get a precise total distance traveled as well as a total round trip distance traveled. This makes it easy when you are exercising and need help deciding when you should turn around to meet your goals.

Distance2Go is perfectly optimized for the Apple Watch and will give you Time, Distance, Round Trip information, and more in a simple-to-read way. You can also Start, Pause, and End sessions with a simple tap.

All your workouts tracked with the Distance2Go app can be tracked and synced with the Apple Health app. This integration allows you to better analyze and plan your activities.

- Simple walking, running, and cycling activity tracker
- Track total distance
- Track round trip distance
- Track total time and average per mile/km
- Stop, pause, end sessions with a tap
- Choose between miles or kilometers
- Sync data with Apple health

Whether you are a professional runner preparing for a marathon, or a fitness enthusiast looking to easily track runs and walks, Distance2Go is your simple and functional distance tracker.
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