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Disaster Response Volunteer

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Disaster Response Volunteer

The Disaster Response Teams app suite allows organizations to coordinate their response to a disaster whether it is a single-family home fire, a regional disaster such as a hurricane, or a global disaster such as a large earthquake affecting several countries where multiple national organizations partner together.

There are two apps which are required to be used: this app is for volunteers and the other is named Disaster Response Manager and it allows managers to organize volunteers into teams and assign each volunteer to an assignment.

Since you may be too busy to respond to an assignment with your iPhone, you can use Siri or our Apple Watch app… whichever is more convenient for you. And to streamline check-ins at a disaster site, you can authorize this app to automatically notify your manager when you have arrived and departed.

With this app you can accomplish the following:

* Receive and respond to assignments from your iPhone, Siri, and Apple Watch
* Receive team alerts and view your teams
* Participate in audio and video conference calls
* Have a streamlined check-in and check-out process

All users must use separate iCloud accounts
Zaid Al-Timimi