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Dirk's Tic-tac-toe

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Dirk's Tic-tac-toe

If you asked Joan Miró to design a tic-tac-toe, he probably would have torn apart the playing field and connected the squares with colored lines - just like in the games of this app.

You can play against your friend or your Apple device. There are the following variants: Play

* against your boyfriend or girlfriend,
* a simple software that makes its moves randomly,
* a better software that looks one move ahead, or
* a perfect software that calculates the game to the end.

There are levels that have ten squares. Here the player who moves first can win. Please don't be frustrated if you lose to the perfect software here!

In the Lite version, you can view all the games and play two of them. In the Pro version, which you can purchase with an in-app purchase, all the games and the perfect software are available.
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