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Dingbel allows instant communication using just taps or double-taps, designed with the Apple Watch in mind.
You might be thinking, "Just taps and double-taps!?" But it's true!
Dingbel brings a whole new level of convenience to the smart watch generation.

How to Use Dingbel:
Ding (single-tap) = Positive response, yes, greetings etc.
DingDing (double-tap) = Negative response, no etc.

When to Use Dingbel:
Dingbel is great in situations where it's just not convenient to use more traditional SNS like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and so on.
There's no need to manually type messages, and it's perfect for giving an instant response.

Scenario 1:
A couple living separately
Taylor: Ding! (Good morning!)
Sam: Ding! (Good morning to you too!)

Scenario 2:
Lunch time in the office
Ashley: Ding! (Hey, you wanna go for lunch?)
Mel: DingDing! (Sorry, I'm kinda busy!)
Ashley: Ding! (Wanna go for lunch?)
Charlie: Ding! (Sure!)

Scenario 3:
Meeting a friend
Al: DingDing! (Hey, where are you!?)
Jay: Ding! (Sorry, I'll be there soon!)

Scenario 4:
A store coworker asks for help
Dante: DingDing! (There's a huge line at the cash register! Requesting backup!)
Randall: Ding! (Reinforcements are on their way! Hold your position!)

Supported Devices
Apple Watch, iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later
OS: iOS8 or later

*Even if you don't have an Apple Watch, you can still use all of its features on an iPhone/iPad.
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