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Diii Notify

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Diii Notify

Diii helps you manage your notifies easily, and you can add or remove notifies with the batch tool. you can use a custom sound as the notification sound, notify you to do something such as going to sleep, it works nice even your iPhone is locked.

Key Features:

- Hourly time report for you
- Custom ringtones with music files or recording
- Custom time to make a sound tips
- Featured multi-language time report voices
- Silent mode and quick on/off make it easy to manage
- Record your voice to make a voice tips
- Share your time report voice to the world
- Every languages in the world can be used for time report after selected by editors

- you can choose notification mode:
1 Notification Text + Sound
2 Only Notification Text
3 Only Sound [ iphone only, not work in Apple Watch ]
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