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For merchants: Do you want your customers to see your scanned shop items in real time? Do you want to provide your customers with a digital sale receipt? DigitalReceipt app is a free solution.

For everyone: Record your daily purchases by manually entering a receipt, in case when the merchant does not use DigitalReceipt. In case that merchant uses DigitalReceipt app, show your QR code to the merchant and record the purchase automatically.

Here are 5 steps about how this app works:

1. You and your customers will download this app for free and sign in with Apple
2. You will scan the code displayed on the customer's phone when they checkout
3. You will enter or scan the items using this app on your iPad (or iPhone)
4. As you scan, customers see the items being scanned
5. After checkout, customers will receive a digital receipt in-app that they can view in the future.

This is a standalone app that is free. And this app helps you to send digital receipts to your customers. You use Sign in with Apple to get an account. As a merchant, you will enter your store information in the application and the items you sell. Note that you still need to handle your customers' payment physically. This app does not process payments. This app basically transfers the receipt you generate via Bluetooth to your customer (when they use the same application)
Shunzhe Ma