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Die or Dice Boggle

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Die or Dice Boggle

Likely the most simple app in itunes universe for apple devices including the new Apple Watch !!!!

Use it for all games where dice are needed: parcheesi, goose, monopoly, general, ladder, yahtzee, boggle, farkle, math dice, pig, mafia, three or more, eliminated, chicago, centenary, Everest, multiplied, plus and minus etc. ....

Push DIE button to roll a dice.
Push DICE button to chose dice type
Push + button to all acces to all App options
Push Action button to share your experience

Dice games available:

Poker Dice
Boggle 4x4: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Valencià-Català
Boggle Master 5x5: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Valencià-Català
Chinese Dice
Crown and Anchor
Hoo Hey How.

Very simple but very useful for any occasion or game that needs dice.

Donations for app maintenance welcome. Thanks.
Juan Fullana