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Dice Clubs® Yatzy Multiplayer

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Dice Clubs® Yatzy Multiplayer

Challenge your friends from all over the world, rediscover the most popular competitive game ever!

Climb the global leaderboards, complete achievements and compete with up to 4 players from all over the world!

Dice Clubs® (previously known as Dice Duel) is an all-time classic competitive dice game with simple rules. In this unique combination of luck, skill and strategy game that you all know and love you can challenge your buddies or look for opponents online. Start rolling dice and show them who's the REAL master!

ATTENTION! This product is based on the original rules of the classic dice game that you probably remember from childhood. No additional cups or dice rolling - only your skill counts (...and a little bit of luck ;))!

Most important features:
- classic competitive dice game that you know and love (also known as Yams, crag, balut, farkle, kismet, yamb, yacht, kockapóker, kostky, kości, kniffel or generala, similar to American Cheerio) with social multiplayer angle.
- Win Diamonds and collect beautiful cups and dice.
- Personalize your experience with unlocked cups, dice and emotes! Make Dice Clubs® truly YOUR game!
- The real-game feeling and design (rolling the dice, shaking the cups).
- Luck is only half the battle! Exercise your brain and find the best strategy to win with the dice that you’ve rolled!
- Quick Game mode allows you to play with your buddies in real time. No idle players here!
- Enter the Grand Arena! Challenge the world in epic competition, win magnificent prizes and become the dice champion of the world!
- Challenge your pals to a high stakes Dice Duel Pro match!
- You don’t like the time pressure? Play in one of the turn-based modes!
- Find opponents on Facebook, by email, contact list, username or just play with random opponents from all over the world!
- Invite friends via WhatsApp, iMessage, Twitter or Facebook and play together!
- Create an account and continue playing the classic dice game on a different device.
- Experience the tutorial and start your Dice Clubs adventure with 100 Diamonds reward!
- Join an existing club or create your own, become the leader and complete missions with other members!
- Win and collect Coins and exchange them into animated emotes or other cool cosmetic items.
- Built-in chat allows you to communicate with other players and club members.
- Achievements, daily, weekly and club missions are here to keep things exciting!
- Spin the Wheel of Diamonds and roll free Diamonds from the cup everyday! No tickets or coupons required! ;)
- Level up and climb the Leaderboards (monthly / weekly / all-time) to become the real dice master.
- The only competitive game that allows you to test both your luck and strategy skills!
- Dice Clubs® supports both left and right handed players.
- Tablet version with larger fonts is a perfect option for veteran players!
- Available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian).

Your Friends using different systems? No problem! In Dice Clubs® you can play together with your buddies no matter the platform you're on!
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