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Diabetes Type 2 by Nourishly

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Diabetes Type 2 by Nourishly

If you have Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes this app will help you make lifestyle changes that you know you need to do but find it hard to do.

Built with input from leading dietitians, psychologists and researchers, this free and HIPAA compliant app puts "what works" for diabetes management in your pocket:

* Easily log blood glucose, carbohydrates, insulin, medications, meals, physical activity, and stress
* Learn how these things affect your blood sugar levels
* Link with your care team for feedback and a personal care plan
* Unlock easy and tasty meal plans and snack ideas
* Over 100 science backed micro-missions to master!

Please note: There is no advertising in this app.

*** Why you should give it a try ****

Link with your care team. Turbo charge the care you receive by linking with your Dietitian, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Doctor, Social Worker, Health Coach, Nurse Practitioner, or Personal Trainer for insight-driven care and feedback in AND out of the session.

Personalized meal, blood glucose, activity and symptom trackers. You are multi-dimensional, and so should be your trusted tracker! Break free from stock-standard glucose monitoring with integrated symptom, mood, thought, meal and activity tracking.

100 science-backed missions to master. Gradually master proven habit-hacks for diabetes that can help avoid blood sugar spikes and dips, and reach your ideal body weight.

Coping skills for when you get stuck. Take advantage of 200+ skills to unstick yourself when mental blockers, negative-self talk, lethargy and anxiety strike.

Meal planning that is stress free. Pick from expert curated weekly diabetes meal plans, create your own, or link with your nutrition expert for a plan personalized for you.

Celebrate wins with rewards. Be surprised and delighted by beautiful, funny and thought provoking reflection images and affirmations.

Nourishly may ask for access to your step count data if you are linked with a clinician who has requested it. Collection of this data is completely optional. We integrate with Apple's Health App to achieve this. The data will be handled and used in accordance with Nourishly's privacy policy and terms of service.
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