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Diabetes IQ Pro

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Diabetes IQ Pro

Visualise your diabetes profile and analyze the effect of insulin and carbs on your blood glucose level. The App features BG alerts and insights, enhanced activity tracking, logbook, health & fitness device integration, ultra-fast food database, analytics, reports and latest diabetes news.

Getting Started
To get started, the user enters their unit of measure, total daily insulin dosage (TDD), insulin sensitivity factor (ISF), insulin to carb ratio (I:C) and glucose target levels if applicable.

Watch App
Diabetes IQ now include a companion Watch App for quick access to your vital statistics.

BG Insights
The BG insights allows the user to visualize the net effect of insulin and carbohydrate intake on their BG profile. Additional metrics include the insulin onboard and carbohydrate onboard measures.

BG Alerts
The alerting algorithm is based on the user's profile, rapid insulin action duration, carbohydrate absorption duration, distance travelled (walked) and the time elapsed since the last insulin dose.

The time-stamped logbook keeps track of the user's insulin doses, medications, glucose levels, meal intakes and exercise activities.

The Dashboard provides the user with a quick overview of their health and fitness activities over a specified period of time.

Built-in Food Database
The built-in ultra-fast food database contains food from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, West Africa, China, India and ASEAN countries for meal-time logging and carbohydrate counting. We also provide premium users with quarterly food database updates.

Favourite Food Items
The user can tag and save their meals to a favourite list for quick and easy access.

Health & Fitness Data Integration
The user can access their health & fitness data via Apple Health and from other health & fitness devices. Supported devices include Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit. The setup is extremely simple.

Insulin & Glucose Data Integration
The user can access their insulin data from the Smartplus Insulin Pen and glucose data from iHealth Glucose Meters.

Analytics & Reports
The App provides historical trend charts, statistical analytics and reports to assist the user in better managing their diabetes.

Latest Diabetes News
The App provide users with latest diabetes news and events.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
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