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Dhikr App

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Dhikr App

Dhikr App is a simple application that make You to remind Allah.

Dhikr App is FREE so everyone can have it.

You don't need to carry about Your tasbeeh because sometimes You can forget them, by now You can use your iPhone as all we now our iPhones are almost all the time close to us, so here is Dhikr App that can fix this.

If You forget to do dhikr, Dhikr App with notifications will remind You every 1 hour to do Dhikr.

With Dhikr App You can:
- Count how many times you do Dhikr.
- Read and Learn many different Dhikrs.
- Add goals for Dhikr.

Dhikr App is available in:
- English
- Albanian
- Bosnian
- French
- German
- Goranian
- Italian
- Turkish

Also Dhikr App is available even on Apple Watch.
Emin Emini