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What is DeyesFree?
DeyesFree is a simple dice roller app, designed for allowing users to play simple dice games with nothing but the Apple Watch.

What makes DeyesFree different?
- Natural human speech. The app announces dice rolls in clear, human speech. No more looking at the app display while trying to play your game. Focus your eyes on the game instead.
- Change the dice with a swipe. Change the desired number of dice faces or number of dice with a swipe. The app will announce your new dice configuration.
- Designed with accessibility in mind. This app has been designed from the ground up to be accessible by everyone. A certified Accessibility specialist has vetted this app to ensure usability and compliance with all applicable standards.

Using DeyesFree
- Simply swipe left and right to choose the number of faces for your dice, swipe up and down to choose the number of dice you wish to roll. 
- Tap anywhere on the screen with one finger or shake your watch to roll the dice. It's that simple!
Harrison Tu