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Dev Countdown

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Dev Countdown

Dev Countdown is a countdown app to some exciting events for developers and tech enthusiasts alike. Countdown to the next big event and get a preview of some key details.


The center of the app revolves around a countdown to the next exciting event. See how long until the event begins. Get excited!

The event page gives a quick preview of some key details of the event being counted down to so you can be more prepared for the big day!

The settings page allows you to follow me on Twitter for quick support and updates about the app. You can also get email support as well as view the app version number.

-Today Widget
While you can always open the app to view the countdown, you can also add the app's widget to the Today view for easier viewing anywhere on your device.

-Apple Watch Support
If you have an Apple Watch, you can also view the countdown using the Apple Watch app. You can add the compilation on your favorite watchface or keep it in your Dock for easy access!
Kevin Rauseo II