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Deutsche Fußball History 2015-2016

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Deutsche Fußball History 2015-2016

"Deutsche Fußball History 2015-2016" - is an application about Deutsche Fußball Bundesliga 2015-2016.

With the application "Deutsche Fußball History 2015-2016" you are able to get full information about the events in Deutsche Fußball Bundesliga 2015-2016.

Using "Deutsche Fußball History 2015-2016" you also get an immediate access to the Tournament table, Schedule, Teams, Events in Matches, News and Statistics.

The "Deutsche Fußball History 2015-2016" application makes possible to create Video of the season 2015-2016 on your device which may include more than 500 Video Reviews and 1000 Video Goals and Events.

All Video information is placed on Tours, Matches and Players that allows to find quickly all interesting Video information, view and save favourite moments on your device. With the application you can create Video for both a player and a favourite team.

With the application you will have access to text translations and football fans’ forums.

Also you can find full information about football clubs - current list of players with their personal information and Photo, historical information, form and symbolics, texts and music of anthems, stadium location on the map and a lot more.

All information in the application is supported in several languages and you also can tune the application according to your preferences and watch one or several teams.

The application includes:
- Tournament table
- Calendar
- Teams
- Gallery
- Application settings