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Desk Calc

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Desk Calc

Desk Calc is the modern version of the traditional desk calculator, with a large full screen view in both portrait and landscape orientation. A clean interface and large buttons make this app easy to use. Right below the main display there is a readout of your most recent calculations. A swipe up on the screen opens a full, line by line listing. Add notes for reference next to any calculation, save specific records in the app, edit, email or message. Read on to learn why you should download this today!

Excellent Calculator
"Excellent calculator. Loads quickly. Functions as described, looks good. The recent update to the digital tape makes an excellent app even better!"
-- Dr_NJ

Great calculator
"Works good and use it for work all the time. Digital tape slides up from bottom is useful if you lose your place."
-- Sasstz

Calculators have always been a popular accessory in people's productivity arsenal. If you've used a lot of different calculator apps and noticed that they're all about the same, then chances are you've never tried Desk Calc. This app has a simple, clean interface that's easy to use. Desk Calc offers all the features you need to take care of your daily business, without those confusing bells and whistles that most people never even use.

Desk Calc Features Include:
• Full screen in both portrait and landscape views
• Retina Display Graphics
• Clean & Simple Design
• Large Buttons
• Digital Tape Readout of all Calculations
• Ability to Save Calculations in an Archive File
• Reload Saved Records
• Back Button / Back Swipe Feature
• Multiple Background Skins
• Percent Function

Apple Watch Features:
• Great for quick calculations
• Back Button
• Quick Tip Buttons
• Force Touch to clear all calculations

The first thing you'll notice is the big, easy to read full screen view. Unlike other apps, Desk Calc is a full screen calculator whether you use the portrait or landscape orientation.

How many times have you been halfway through a lengthy calculation and gotten distracted? When you returned your attention to your work, you had no idea where you left off. With Desk Calc, all you have to do is look at the digital tape display. It's right there below the main display, showing you all of your current calculations. A quick swipe up and you will open a new view showing the full contents of the digital tape. Add a quick note next to a calculation for future reference, save, edit, review and append to.

Sharing your calculations is a snap! Just tap the digital tape to open the "Options" menu. From here you can clear the digital tape contents, view all past calculations since the last time you cleared the digital tape, copy and paste your math into another app, or share them via SMS or email right from the app.

Have you ever hit the wrong operator key and had to hit "Clear" to start all over? That's not a problem with this app. Instead of clearing the current task, just tap the correct operator. Desk Calc will fix the error and keep calculating. Tap the wrong digit, swipe anywhere on the screen towards the left and the last digit will be removed.

Desk Calc also makes percentages easy to work with. Need to calculate a tip? Just enter the total, add your tip percentage (Ex: 43.59+15%=) and you're done. Discounts are just as easy. Enter the price of an item and subtract the discount (21.89-20%=), and there's your new price.

If you prefer a different color background, maybe to match your white iPhone or iPad, open the iOS Settings app and the Desk Calc preferences to select either black, white, silver, a blue and white duo, a blue gradient or a purple gradient skin.

Whether you're a savvy shopper, a business owner, or you just need to figure out how many square feet of carpeting you need for your living room, Desk Calc's large buttons and big display make the numbers easy to crunch and easy to read. Download it now and do the math for yourself.

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Darrin Altman