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Derm Diary

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Derm Diary

Derm Diary helps you to track and share changes in your skin.

# About Your Skin
Your skin can act as an important indicator of your health. Being aware of how your skin has changed over time can help health and care professionals to diagnose and manage skin conditions more easily.

# Effortless Skin Monitoring
Derm Diary can help you to track changes in many types of skin conditions:
• Wounds and injuries
• Chronic conditions, e.g. rosacea or eczema
• Notable landmarks, e.g. moles and birthmarks

# Add Image Entries
Capture or import photos to store and organise photos of your skin in one place.
• Use an ‘onion-skin’ overlay to align your photos and more easily see differences over time.
• Add notes to your entries to help you to remember other details.

# Share with Others
Derm Diary can create a PDF summary of your photos to send to family or health and care professionals.
• Customise the PDF content
• Lock the PDF with a password

# Derm Diary Unlimited
• Add up to two skin diaries for free, with no other restrictions, so you can try all app functions in full.
• Add unlimited skin diaries with a one-off in-app purchase.
• Share one purchase between all devices and family members.

# Cohesive OS Integration
Derm Diary has been designed specifically for iOS, and has the following features:
• iCloud Sync and Backup
• Accessibility Integration: VoiceOver, Dynamic Type
• Familiar iOS look and feel
• Siri Shortcuts
• Drag and Drop
• Multiple windows
• Handoff
• Spotlight Search
• Keyboard Shortcuts

# Disclaimer
• This app does not attempt to diagnose or give any medical advice about your skin. If you are worried about how your skin is changing, please contact a health or care professional.
• This app is to be used by individuals for their own skin only.
Nicholas Baughan