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Deja Vue

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Deja Vue

Start a tradition.

Take before and after pictures.

Document change or progress.

Recreate a moment from the past.

Take the same photo from a different location.

Take a different photo from the same location.

Figure out exactly where a photo was taken.

Share your images using social media, text, or email.

Place yourself in your photos using either the timer or the remote app for the Apple Watch.

No sign up, no in app purchases, no watermarks. Just open the app and take a picture.

If a photo is taken with an overlay image two photos will be saved to your photo library. One will be only the newly captured image. The other will be a composite of the overlay image and the newly captured image.

If a photo is taken without an overlay the newly captured image will be saved to your library.

When an image for an overlay is selected from your library it will be displayed in the same orientation it was originally taken, as long as the overlay image was originally taken on an iPhone and the portrait orientation lock is turned off, otherwise you may need to rotate the overlay.

Selecting the front camera for selfies will flip the overlay to match the camera view.

It takes a little practice to line up the overlay with the camera view so be patient. Adjusting the transparency of the overlay for different lighting conditions also helps.

Images for the overlay work best if the image was taken on an iPhone. Images from other devices may or may not line up accurately with the camera view.

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Concept by Warren Williams
Developed by Glenn Thomas
Glenn Thomas Jr.