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by WayV
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by WayV
To-do lists, calendar events, appointments, notes are often all scattered over many apps. How about you have one app to manage most of your lists needs?

Managing tasks is personal, and sometimes you just want to be reminded exactly on the due date; other times, that would be too late. Sometimes you'd like to know if a task is in progress, and sometimes, it's just 'to do' and 'done'. It might even be the case you don't need to track the status. Still, you need to track more details, custom attributes of something like an expense, an item you borrowed or anything, really!

This app is for you, who are unique in how you live your life. That's why we started this journey and built the DefiniteList, to help you get organized the way you want to get organized. Download it now!

Here's what you will be able to do right after you download DefiniteList:

- Create task lists or simply note lists
- Customize the contexts of your lists so you can focus on what's relevant at the moment
- Set up custom status for your items, go beyond 'To do' and 'Done' and set it as 'Blocked' or 'In Progress' if that's what you need for a specific list.
- Give a due date to your lists, not only your tasks and notes and quickly notice if the list is overdue or even 'forgotten' (we've all been there)
- Add any field you want to your items in your lists. Be it a cost of something, a name, an age, a rate, whatever you can describe as text or number can become an extra attribute (with more types to come in the future)
- Photos? Up to 5 per item
- Eisenhower Decision Matrix
- Widgets for a quick overview of your day
- Reminder date and Due date are not the same, so we give you the flexibility to be reminded before the due date, so you can actually finish your task by the due date
- Got some outdoor tasks? You have the weather conditions directly within the app. Make sure to check it out before you go outside
- Check everything which is scheduled in an easy to manage view with great shortcuts for quick actions
- Manage your calendars with the included Calendars integration

We welcome your feedback. Please be in touch!

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