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Defend Radish-Hearts Boom

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Defend Radish-Hearts Boom

Defensive radish classic version comes!
Lead a new era of leisure travel!
Beautifully crafted!
Superstones classic tower defense game!
Easy to use, all ages!
Give you not the same little happy!

The task is to take good care of the lovely big radish!
Built-in novice guide to let you quickly from the rookie master!
The new scene design gives you a refreshing feeling!

Game features:
* 60 levels, from desert to forest to deep sea!
* 10 different properties of the turret so that you are not happy!
* Each need to properly build a turret to customs clearance!
* Mobs + Boss experience different levels are not the same feeling!

Come on about your little partner to guard the lovely radish!
yalei zhu