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Defend Eyes Health

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Defend Eyes Health

Safe and secure, most creative quality software, the world's only really useful software's health is good, really helpful software for health, the patron saint of your eyes, your health bodyguard! If you are a do not care about the health of their eyes or who do not download. Please read the following description carefully before downloading. Modern medicine after long research and demonstration, according to Bates's theory, all refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) reasons, but is "not a normal state of mind" caused "tension." And the eye can not eliminate the tension, but hinders vision correction, tensions eyes getting worse, more and more prescription glasses deep. Bates vision recovery training method is again way to correct your eyesight. Making organ of vision through training constantly adjust their mechanisms to achieve even cure and correct myopia and vision problems. After Defend Eyes Health Bates theory is based on the logic according to a specific procedure, according to a different direction, a different angle of light emitted tricolor Nutrition (human eye cells in three colors red, green and blue shade most sensitive time to see objects up close light-sensitive retina of the eye causes reduced ability to talk about the phenomenon that will produce color, red, green and blue light is mainly nutritional cell growth stimulating visual acuity on the retina of the eye, the retina to improve the clarity of the photographic imaging, as issued by the 480-700 healthy nm wavelength light, which is different from the daily illumination light wavelength, which itself is in line with human health sciences light, so called three-color light nourishment from this extent, enhance the imaging capability of the eye, to reach the treatment of amblyopia function .), exercise the eye muscles, restore elasticity of the ciliary muscle, thereby enabling the lens distortion by the basketball back to football shape, training the eye muscles to gradually restore vision.

The software contains two features, an auxiliary function. Completely independent innovation, the world's only: red, green and blue light to move the focus of nutrition training, looking far maps, real green background eye plus music meditation, eyes and brain can fully rest.

Red, green and blue light to move the focus of nutrition training to use: Start the software, the focus of the eye to follow the lines and moves, so you can artificially force the eye movements, so that the movement of the eye muscles get exercise, a total of red, green and blue light nutrition You can choose according to their own preferences different nutritional light. You can also set different backgrounds according to their preferences, once you have done well. This software is used for a long workout every day to see 1-2 minutes more, to improve eyesight helpful!

Use map to look too far:
First, overlooking plans are able to see the location of the most distant familiarize yourself with a few boxes subtle lines.
Then gradually increase the distance to a few boxes overlooking the most distant figure in a position to stop between ambiguity and clarity.
Ideological focus, serious eliminate interference, mental focus, start overlooking eyes to see the entire chart, generating forward deep into the feeling, and then gradually identify the most distant from outside to inside several boxes of each layer green and white lines.

Defend Eyes Health Your health is good defender. Continuous innovation, the pursuit of perfection and ultimate, safe and secure!

Please note: The next update will bring more health features, so stay tuned!
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