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Imagine you are being harassed or are in an emergency situation. Maybe even in an emergency situation where you can't speak, e.g. when a person is in your apartment and has no business being there. Wouldn't it be nice to have a helper like your Apple Watch or iPhone at that moment, so you can use it to get help unnoticed or buy time to escape?

That's exactly what Defapp was designed to do.

Defapp specifically uses the features of the iPhone and Apple Watch to effectively use them for self-protection, self-defense, securing evidence, sending a call for help, or all of the above.

Defapp ensures that your iPhone won't lock itself until you consciously do it. So triggering the configurable defense mode, which includes an intense strobe, a loud alarm sound, and recording an evidence video in addition to notification features, is possible even when you have your iPhone in your pocket.

With the included Defapp version for the Apple Watch, you can also send help messages, including your location, to your preset contacts. Just tap the screen twice, that's all you have to do. This also works while exercising or swimming.

How does Defapp work?

On the iPhone:

To operate Defapp even when you're under a lot of stress, the entire screen becomes a single button that responds to the following gestures:

- Swipe in any direction 

to turn the flashlight on or off (only on devices with available flashlight e.g. iPhone & iPad Pro)

- Tap twice

to send one or more push help messages and/or create an SMS. In settings, you can set whether to send your message repeatedly and whether to add your current location.

- Long touch or shake

to start the defense mode. The defense mode includes all the options you have enabled in the settings.

Defense mode includes, in addition to the notification features:

- a flash to irritate and blind a possible attacker.

(only on devices with available flash e.g. iPhone & iPad Pro),

- a loud, very noticeable alarm sound to draw attention to you,

- the recording of a 5 second video for evidence. You can also have this video automatically added to an SMS.

Via Apple Watch:

- Tap twice

to send one or more push help messages. Double tap and the message is sent immediately and, depending on your settings, repeatedly, including your current location. 
This can also be started from the watch face and also works, for example, during sports or swimming.

By voice command (also on the Apple Watch):

- To send a push help message including your current position. The iPhone doesn't even have to be unlocked to do this. A short command such as "Hey Siri, help" is enough.

You can combine all functions to achieve different effects. For example, it is also possible to configure Defapp as a silent alarm, as an emergency app that guarantees you maximum attention, or as an effective means of self-defense.

Defapp has often been called a "digital pepper spray". However, in case of an attack, escape is always the first choice and that's where Defapp can help you gain important time. We have taken care to make it as easy to use as possible and not to let any time pass unnecessarily when an action is triggered. Defapp is always serious and there are no countdowns, repeated confirmation requests, or complicated key combinations. Network with other Defapp users in your area and build a "Reallive Social Network", which ensures that you can get help quickly in any emergency.

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions for improvement or criticism, talk to friends about Defapp and feel free to leave us a review. Every feedback helps us and the more we become, the better.

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