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deciBUZZ is an auxiliary tool to help prevent noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL can be caused by
extended exposure to common sounds of 85 dB or more.
deciBUZZ will also help many children, teens and adults with autism spectrum disorder whose voice
projects much louder and further than they realize. When their voice reaches a dB higher than a preset
value, deciBUZZ with give them a tactile warning on their i phone watch without others noticing.
deciBUZZ can be used by a company or employer to monitor the continuous noise levels and to take
appropriate action if levels are above 85 dB for an extended period of time. Over $240 is spent annually
on workman's compensation due to hearing loss disability. Employees will be able to stay focused on
their work and get a tactile warning by deciBUZZ if environmental noise reaches 85dB.


- Tactile sound meter.
- Indicated decibel by gauge
- Hands free. No need to hold a meter in your hand.

- display the current noise reference
-display min/avg/max decibel values

NOTE: deciBUZZ is an auxiliary tool to help prevent noise induced hearing loss. If you need more
accurate dB values, it is recommended you get a sound level meter and make changes to prevent NIHL.
Jaime Gonzalez