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Dead Air

by 2MQ LLC
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Dead Air

by 2MQ LLC
For fans of text based survival adventure games like Lifeline, 2MQ is offering an expanded experience in the genre. Choose your own adventure, and lead your friend to survival aboard a cruise liner that’s sailing through the treacherous waters of the Bermuda Triangle!

Special Features Include:
- iWatch compatible – Play from your wrist!
- 38 Achievements to unlock
- Pain and Insanity levels that have real in-game consequences
- 3 choices, rather than 2
- A true branching story path with multiple successful, and not so successful endings
- Selection of a specialized skill set that has in-game consequences
- A working Inventory

Dead Air offers a unique experience, combining smarts, strategy, and replay value. The game occurs in real-time, as your friend struggles to stay alive. During the process, she will hit you up throughout the day, asking for advice on her next move. Respond immediately, or whenever you find a minute!

What begins as an innocuous conversation with a friend takes an abrupt turn into danger as her cruise liner rocks from a sudden impact, interrupting your connection with her and killing the ship’s power. Guide Alaina through the lightless, silent depths of the Intrepid, a ship that seems more and more sinister. Surely the cause is explainable without superstition; after all, accidents happen everywhere, even if the Intrepid is in the cold waters of the Bermuda Triangle. But time seems to flow strangely in the Triangle: hours that pass normally for her snap by in seconds for you, and moments stretch on endlessly.
As your journey to discover the source of the trouble plaguing the vessel continues, unnerving emptiness and tense but mundane occurrences quickly spiral into nightmare as Alaina is stalked through the ship by supernatural horrors. With an unreliable connection, strangely inconsistent time, and an increasingly desperate Alaina, can you guide her to safety and unravel the conspiracy at the heart of the ship, or will your decisions lead Alaina to be swallowed into myth by the Triangle…