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Days Ago

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Days Ago

Days Ago tells you how long it’s been since important events occurred. Use it to mark your achievements, see how far you’ve come, and keep an eye on the things you’ve been neglecting or putting off. And with the companion Apple Watch app, all your events are just a flick of the wrist away.

With Days Ago, you’ll never have to wonder, “How long has it been since…?”


• Easily create events with the power of natural language processing. Just type something like, “Mowed the lawn this morning” and “Remind me after a week,” and Days Ago will figure out the dates automatically.
• Attach photos to your events.
• Your events stay in sync across all your devices with iCloud.
• Add your favorite event to the Days Ago widget.
• Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
• No in-app purchases.
Neil Sardesai