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DashCam HUD

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DashCam HUD

Drive recorder, speed meter, navigation, browser, music player all wanted while driving.
You can switch these displays with the steering switch or the earphone switch.
Also, corresponds Head up display.
Comforts traveling by car, bike, road bike.

· Recording function
Drive record mode for automatically saving recorded data from 15 to 45 seconds before shock detection, and meter recording mode for recording meters and routes overlapping with images.

· Meter
support km/h and mile/h.
The indication of speed meter can be selected from 80, 180, 320 km/h scale.
Traction circle display by accelerometer.
Display angle of car body (pitch, bank angle, direction).
In addition to the current height, the altimeter also displays the amount of change from the reference.
During route guidance, instructions of the whole route and navigation are also displayed.

Route guide by voice guidance.
You can register your favorite locations.
During the route guidance, the scale is automatically adjusted so that the turning point is easy to understand.
With the following option function depending on setting item
> Speed-linked zoom that the scale automatically changes in conjunction with the speed.
> Switch to map display automatically when approaching the turning point.
> An offset that shifts the center and displays the traveling direction large.

· Browser
With standard browser and memo pad.
Can be able to leave notes when searching little things.

· Music player
With speed interlocking volume function to adjust the volume in conjunction with the speed.
The shuffle function is easy to know the next song.
Ayumu Kinoshita