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Dash Plus

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Dash Plus

The easy to use dash made for walking, running, driving, cycling, skating & almost anywhere you need to measure distance or movement.

Perfect for curious passengers, see how your ride, taxi or hire is driving.

Includes odometer, speedometer, compass, altimeter, music player & map.

Key features
- Speedometer, odometer, compass, altimeter.
- Fullscreen map with location.
- Listen to music & audiobooks on the move.
- Measure distance traveled on your iPhone or iPad.
- Clean, modern & minimal design.
- Set max-speed & safe driving speed.
- Switch between imperial & metric (KM/H vs MP/H, feet vs meters, miles vs kilometers).
- Fully customizable including fonts, backgrounds, logos & buttons.
- Audio scrub, highly readable, easy to access controls.
Vuild Digital S.L