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Darts buddy

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Darts buddy

The Darts buddy is finally there. With this convenient App, you will not make any more mistakes when trying to finish a 501 or any other double-out darts match.

From the chart or the search list choose your score. The Darts buddy will show your best possible finish, based on your preferred doubles which you can maintain in the settings. For instance if you prefer double 20 before double 16 on a 52 finish, this App will suggest you to throw 12, double 20.
If there are any alternatives, these will also be shown in the details.

You can now also find your checkout by telling the score you need from the chart screen.
And you can also have your score and checkout pronounced if enabled in the settings.

Hopefully this App can help you to become a better darts player.

For Apple Watch owners is even made a simple but useful extension so that you can see from your Apple Watch how to throw

I love to get suggestions for improvements. I also would like to get problems you face so I can make this App much better. If you are satisfied, I would also like to know.
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