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DART is the quickest way to WRITE on Apple Watch & the quickest way to READ it on your Watch Face. Phone numbers, addresses, furniture dimensions, reminders, to do, one-liner, long notes, recipes, song lyrics, quotes, you name it.

Choose between Dictation, Scribble, & the most awesomest: number + calculator.

You can jot down ANYTHING, and when you quit the app, you can see it right on your (Watch) Face!

The number + calculator lets you type numbers or do any calculation quickly and the result will be sent to your Watch Face so you can glance at the result later. NO MORE memorising numbers.

•••The Verdict•••
• Instant Write using the Dictation, Scribble, or Number + Calculator.
• Instant Read on you Watch Faces.

So get DART now, and be prepared. There will come a time when you need it so bad. Guaranteed!
Daniel Widjaja