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Dart Email

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Dart Email

If you hate waiting for people to respond to your email - then Dart is for you.

Dart 2.0 is a ground up rewrite of our groundbreaking email app that Macworld said "...May be the future of email"

Version 2.0 comes with a slew of performance and reliability fixes and some incredible new features.

Dart lets you make your email actionable, by building responses into the messages you send.

For example you might send an email asking "What time shall we meet?" Ordinarily this may trigger 1 or more responses as you strive to find a time that suits.

Dart lets you give the recipient options so they just tap the response that works for them and hit send. If the message contains dates or times, Dart also automatically generates a calendar entry of the event for you.

Dart also lets you set actions as website addresses (as well as standard reply links) - meaning you can easily refer your recipient to a product, site or article.

Dart emails are also now customisable allowing you to brand your messages or just make them more beautiful.

Best of all, If you send a Dart message to another Dart user, they can reply with a single tap on their apple Watch, iPad or iPhone
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