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Dare the Monkey

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Dare the Monkey

*** Over 1 Million Downloads ***

Say hello to Dare, your little monkey hero! Risk life and limb as you run, jump, and roll your way across increasingly tricky worlds.

Dare the Monkey is an extremely addictive, super casual, one-touch platformer that evokes the spirit of classic arcade and console games. It’s a love letter to the golden age of video games but expertly reinvented for mobile.

Easy to pick up but difficult to master. Play it if you Dare!

What people are saying about Dare the Monkey:

"The best game ever." 5/5
"Awesome game on my phone and watch." 5/5
"Simply beautiful". 5/5
"Reminds me of Donkey Kong." 5/5
"I totally love Dare the monkey he’s so cute!!!!". 5/5
"Almost as good as a console game." 5/5
"The best game on Apple Watch". 5/5
"The graphics are superb and the gameplay is addictive." 5/5
"This is by far my favourite game on my Apple Watch!". 5/5
"Could spend hours on this." 5/5
"Love this game since it’s available on Apple Watch." 5/5
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