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Dancer's Life

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Dancer's Life

Dancer's Life - there are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them, so let us help you find the way to it.

Dancer's Life offers all important dance information in one place – information about events, schools, teachers and trending news. You can subscribe to dance video classes or register for an event. Dancer's Life connects the dance community from all dance styles in one simple app.

Features for dancers:
• find events, schools and teachers with selection of dance filters,
• register and pay for an event,
• keep up with your favorites by following them or their event,
• subscribe to their dance channel and practice in the comfort of your home,
• get notified about changes to events, or new events from schools and teacher, you follow,
• share events and school/teacher profiles with your friends on social media,
• check your dance history in a timeline view,

Organizers, teachers and dance schools can use our web platform that is adjusted for mobile view as well at
• to create, edit and share teacher, school and event profile,
• to add teachers and admins to your school,
• to publish classes, workshops, festivals, socials or performances (easy to copy or set recurring events),
• to notify attendees of any changes to the event, even if its last minute,
• to open registration and enable payments with cards through the app,
• to set up a video channel and get paid from subscriptions,
• to monitor and get statistic for all your events and channel subscriptions in one place.

Platform and Apps are available in English and Slovenian, new languages coming up soon.

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