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DanceMaster is a music player designed for rehearsal.

When you rehearse, you often need to play part of a piece of music over and over again, and you need to be able to quickly jump to important points in the piece. DanceMaster is designed from the ground up to help you break down, practice, memorize, and teach choreographies.


Every time you pause the music, DanceMaster returns to the last place you started playing. This makes it easy to practice to a section of the music over and over again.


DanceMaster allows you to set cues in the music that you can easily jump to at any time. In addition, you can add a configurable lead-in time to all cues in a choreography. The lead-in time sets the jump point for each cue a little before the actual cue time, giving you time to count in, but keeping your cue marks where they should be.


You can easily change the tempo of the song for a choreography. Tempo adjustment can be turned on and off without losing the selected tempo, which is great for switching between rehearsal and performance tempos.


You can set the original tempo for a choreography and DanceMaster will show you tempo adjustments and cue lead-ins in beats instead of seconds. If the music you are using is in your music library and has the "BPM" field set in iTunes, DanceMaster will automatically use this setting.


DanceMaster now includes an Apple Watch app that allows you to control the music, jump to defined cues, and even change the tempo without having to go back to your phone. It's perfect for active rehearsals. DanceMaster also works with Control Center and can be controlled with any remote that works with iOS, including the standard iPhone earbud controls and external Bluetooth remotes.


DanceMaster can speak your cue names during playback, so you don't need to watch the screen while you rehearse.


If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you! You can reach us by email at [email protected], or on Twitter at @dancemasterapp.
Control Your Rehearsal
Start and stop the music directly from the watch. Every time you stop the music, DanceMaster returns to where you started so you can easily run a section again. DanceMaster also shows you both the current and upcoming cue, so you always know where you are and what comes next.
Tempo Adjustment
Easily adjust the playback tempo at any time.
David Starke

David Starke is an interaction designer and software developer based in San Francisco working on complex problems in analytics, data visualization, and the performing arts. He is the designer and developer of the iOS app DanceMaster, a music player for dance rehearsal and choreography. In addition to his work in software, he currently performs as a dancer with the Academy of Danse Libre.