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Danalock Deutschland

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Danalock Deutschland

The Danalock-Premium-App is compatible with the following Danalock products:
- Danalock V3 HomeKit (lock & unlock only)
- Danalock V3
- Danalock universal module V3
- Danalock Danabridge
- Danalock Danapad
- Danalock V125 / V2
- Danalock universal module V1
- Danalock universal module V2

* Opens doors and gates with the smartphone
** NEW ** Siri Shortcuts Integration. Control all locks by voice command from iPhone or Apple Watch. In the app settings, you can specify whether or not you want to ask for additional authentication with Touch,- or FaceID when unlocking. After that, just manually lock and unlock from the main app. The shortcuts will be displayed in the Siri settings.
* Reliable Auto Unlock in conjunction with an Estimote iBeacon
* Auto unlock even without geofence possible
* Auto unlock optional with additional declaration of intent (Tap to Unlock)
* Complete user management in the app (guest and admin access)
* Guest access via SMS for guests without a user account possible
* Alias ​​names can be deposited for users
* Clear protocol
* With the Watch App you can now open the door comfortably with the Apple Watch (from the Apple Watch Series 2 without iPhone)
* Practical widget can open, close and view Danalock's status
* Airbnb hosts can associate listings with locks and then see conveniently pending reservations in the list of users. Thereafter, these reservations can be easily converted into guest access and sent to the guest.

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* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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