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Damages Genie

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Damages Genie

**** PLEASE NOTE ****
This is an attorney-client communication app for plaintiffs. You will need credentials from your attorney in order to use this app.


Developed by top Plaintiff’s Trial Attorneys, the Damages Genie app creates a secure, encrypted attorney-client communication platform for use by clients to capture and communicate their pain and suffering information. The app enables complete valuation and presentation of general damages in all types of personal injury, sexual harassment, and employment litigation.

For clients, the app is a direct portal for attorney-client communication that captures mood, pain, emotional distress, events, and other human damages.

For attorneys, the app through a secure web portal​ tracks, charts, and inventories the client’s general damages communications, and assists in valuation and presentation for mediation and trial.

• Support for Spanish Language.
• Secure attorney-client communication.
• Capture daily mood using terminology from jury instructions.
• Capture and chart physical pain.
• Document ongoing trauma or incidents.
• Attach photos, videos, and documents pertinent to the case.
• Improve attorney-client communication and provide attorney(s) with data to value and use in presentations for mediations or trial.
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