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DailyCalc for iPhone

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DailyCalc for iPhone

With the useful calculator at any time.

§ WARIKAN Watch for Apple Watch

The "WARIKAN Watch" is a calculator which is specialized to use to split a total amount of food and drink. You can calculate easily without take out a iPhone from your bag or pocket.

If you do `force touch` on screen, you are able to switching calculator mode between `WARIKAN` and `Standard`.

§ DailyCalc for iPhone

The "DailyCalc" is a calculator that easy to use in daily life.
As well as a normal calculator, you can pick calculated results out as stickies on the screen.

Because the sum of these stickies is calculated, you can see it immediately.

When you would like to exclude a stickey from the calculation, you can always discard the sticky.

You can easily return a sticky to the calculator, and recalculate with a sticky too.
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