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Daily Talking Calculator Professional Edition

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Daily Talking Calculator Professional Edition

Features for Apple Watch

1. Talk the input number and the result of calculation in English.

2.Support the operation: Add, Time,
Divide,Minus for integer number and float number.

3.Display the operator view automatically.

After you input the first number, the calculator will display the operator view automatically. After we input the operator, the calculator will display the number view automatically.

4. Set the delay time of input.
We could select the input delay time from 1 second to 5 seconds.

5.Use the result of calculation.
After the result of calculation is displayed, the red -> button will be displayed at the upper right corner, then we tap this red -> button, the operator view will be displayed, we could use the result to calculate again. For example, (2+4)*5. the calculator will talk only in English.

Features for iPhone and iPad

Talk the tapped number and operator, talk the result of calculation.

From the log view, the user could browse the history calculation and listen the talking of all the expressions.

From the setting view, the user could select the volume and speed of the talking.

One expression could include more than one operator: (A+B)*C-D

Step 1: A+B
Step 2: (the result of step 1) *C
Step 3: (the result of step 2) -D

Detail expression could be displayed in the main view.

Single view for single expression: When the expression is too long, the user tap the expression in the log view, the full expression view will be displayed.
Fang Shen